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Client references

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Our clients

  • Various business sectors:
    pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, banking, food and agriculture, automotive, transportation, industry, renewable energy, computers and website localisation, real estate, tourism and marketing
  • Professions and agencies and associations:
    lawyer's offices, notaries, recruitment offices, communications agencies and government administrations
  • Individuals:
    translation of civil status documents (birth, marriage, death certificates, etc.), translation and adaptation of cover letters and CVs, sworn translation of government and legal documents, translation of diplomas, degrees and transcripts of marks for university registration or application for employment

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Our recent translation projects

  • Official translation, done by sworn translator:
    Marriage certificate
    / English – French / Area: legal translation
  • Certified translation:
    Employment agreement and employment certificate / German – French / Area: of specialization: legal translation
  • Certified translation:
    General terms and conditions and trade agreement / French – English – German / Area of specialization: business matters, commerce
  • Technical translation:
    User manual / French – English, German, Dutch , Spanish , Italian / Specialisation: Electronics
  • Translation of tourist texts:
    Brochure for a hotel group / French – German, Dutch, English Specialisation: Tourism
  • Official certified translation
    Notarized agreement / German – French / Specialisation: Law
  • Certified translation:
    Vehicle registration documents / German – French / Speciality : transport
  • Medical translation:
    Medical reports / German – English / Speciality : Medicine
  • Transport company of Marseille / French – Spanish / Area of specialisation : Web-Sites and commerce