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Do you need a certified translation of your birth or marriage certificate, criminal record, academic transcript, university degree, PhD or any other document required by a local or foreign administration or for university applications?
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Sworn, legal, financial, marketing and medical translation

  • the top European languages, particularly German, English, French, Dutch, Spanish and Italian
  • the top 10 most commonly used languages in business for your international communications
  • a network of professional translators
  • no machine translation, just a network of qualified, human translators
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Areas of specialization

  • certified or sworn translation (also called official translation) of your documents
  • commercial translation and website localization
  • technical and legal translation
  • Medical translation
  • internal corporate communications
  • technical translation, translation of standards
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Our commitments

  • a quick, precise and detailed estimate
  • professional and accurate work completed in accordance with our Quality Charter
  • regular updating on the progress of the translation
  • secure file transfer
  • confidential treatment of your documents
  • respect of deadlines
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Validity of Sworn Translations

Our sworn translations are accepted throughout France and comply with the agreements signed with most European countries like Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Ireland, Austria, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, etc.
They are also accepted and valid in the United States and Canada.

Our certified translations will always be accepted, whether you are in London, Madrid, New York or Brussels.

A copy will be delivered by email and then by post.