icon sworn translation

Sworn translation :
certified or official translation

What is sworn translation?

Sworn translation is an official translation completed by an expert translator certified by a court of appeal who affixes his or her seal and signature to certify the accuracy of the translation. It is valid for most levels of government in France and in most countries abroad.

Different sworn translations

  • For individuals :
    Translation of civil status (birth, marriage, death) and other official documents

    family record booklets, name changes, criminal records, residence certificates, income tax documents, drivers licenses, adoption papers, divorce judgements, diploma and degrees, educational transcripts, certificates of employment, internship certificates, work contracts, medical analyses and reports, etc.
  • F​or businesses, companies, communities and associations :
    Translation of business, legal and administrative documents

    expense statements, deeds, assignments, purchase or sale contracts, work contracts, commercial contracts, sales contracts, licenses, patents, articles of association, K-bis extracts, balance sheets, income statements, powers of attorney, general assembly documents, general conditions of sale
  • For transportation companies for customs and international transportation documentation, for vehicle registrations

    Translation of freight, carrier, customs, administrative documents insurance cards, registration cards, registration certificates, agreements, insurance certificates
  • For lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, courts and tribunals :
    Translation of legal, notarized and government documents

    divorce judgements, wills, affidavits of service, requisitions, minutes of proceedings, marriage contracts, sales agreements and deeds of sale, deeds of service, orders of non-conciliation, court orders, judgements